1. Our 50 MHZ OWA YAGI( RFD-50S6) is based on OWA(Optimised Wideband Array) with SWR B/W 1: 1.5(2.3 MHz). RFD-50S6 is light weight and with just a boom length of 2.4 m. All materials are used in High Quality SS and Aluminium. Its a direct 50 ohm system feeding through 1:1 balun, the base model comes with 500 watts power rating, if more power is required please contact us, price will vary. For the increasing popularity for 6m band so called magic band RFD-50S6 is a good choice with excellent F/B ratio and Gain.


  1. Technical and Mechanical Specification:

Freq: 50-52 MHz

Gain: 7.8 dBi

F/B ratio: 20 dB

Impedence: 50 ohm

SWR: Less than 1.3( From 50-52 mhz)

Antenna Power Rating: 500 watts( For more contact us)

Matching Unit: 1:1

Boom length: 2.4 m

Connector: SO-239


  • RF-DXing Antenna reserves the right to change the design and specifications of antennas for the development and improvement without notice.
  • International order Handlig Time: 7 to 9 days


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