Is Your Long distance relationship Moving too fast?

Long distance relationship, often referred to as Rectifiers, are relationships between two people who live far apart and reduce the chance of experience- to- experience connection. While it may sound like a problem, a long distance relationship can still be fulfilling and joyful. But, it can also be a strain if the two colleagues are very invested in the relationship. In some cases, the partnership moves too quickly, which can lead to a crack up or additional issues in the future. To minimize this, it is important to slow down the pace of your connection.

One of the most clear symptoms that your long distance relationship is moving too fast is if you find yourself intensely texting your mate and planning schedules in advance. This is a sign that your thoughts are overrunning you and it can result to a bust up if it’s not managed appropriately.

Another indicator is if your lover is making aggressive decisions without asking for your judgment. This can be a red flag that they’re not committed enough to the relationship or they’re simply not prepared for a much- length marriage. Impulsive judgements you fight with your personal values and induce difficulties down the line.

If you’re in a extended- range relationship and feeling that it is moving too fast, try spending more time with your friends and relatives. You can also meet new people by volunteering at a local non- profit or joining a sports club. This will help you stay connected to the community and give you a taste of life on your own so that you can decide if this is the right relationship for you.

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