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Technical and Mechanical Specifications:


  • Freq: 88-108 MHz
  • Gain: 9 dBi( Free Space)
  • SWR: less than 1.6 across the bands
  • Impedance: 75/50 Ohm
  • F/B: 30dB
  • Boom Length: 7.2 feet
  • Balun: 4:1( 300:75)
  • Connector F-Female
  • Materials: Aluminum and SS


  • RF-DXing Antenna reserves the right to change the design and specifications of antennas for the development and improvement without notice.
  • International order Handlig Time: 7 to 9 days


  1. Shubhrajyoti

    I purchased this antenna to receive my favourite station which is 190 km away, The antenna built quantity and performance is excellent as per advertisement. Only negative point is the mounting plate they uses made from GI but all other materials are Aluminium and SS.

  2. Anup

    This is the best ever FM Antenna I have used. I’m an FM radio enthusiast and a Dxer for the last 25 years. I have tried many designs myself in the past. I’m thoroughly impressed with this Multielement Yagi by Rf dxing. The performance is exceptional and is very good for Fm dxing.
    It has very good sensitivity and directivity. The build quality is excellent. I have had head to head comparisons with other designs and this Yagi beats all others models available with me hands down. It pickups up stations in 600 km radius easily for me. It picked up many new stations which were not received previously with other antennas. If u are living in a good terrain and having a good weather the range could be higher for regular tropospheric scatter. It works very well if u keep it in for vertical polarization also. This is a highly recommended antennae for Fm Dxing.
    The description will not be complete without mention of Debashish ; Rfdxing. For him this is more of a passion than business. He is enthusiastically rendering the designs and testing models. Entire FM dxing community of India will be indebted to him.

  3. balasundaram vu2mbu

    i erect this antenna on 3.4.23 .its doing a wonderfull jop
    i dont get any kerala stations in my location.but inthis antenna most kerala stations comming well.and my sorrounding tamil nadu stations and all srilankan satations comming full scale s meter reading.and chennai fm stations also i will get good reception.i have a plan to put a antenna rotator to this antenna and get more dx stations.i am happy with this antenna . tks to om debashish mallik to make me happy.happy dxing 73s

  4. Sikhyasarathi mallick

    I have purchased this anteena and my favourite station is 200 km away and I am very happy with the performance i am getting fully stereo sound in any environmental conditions.good job

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