RFD-7E3B is an ultimate DX antenna made with high quality materials like 304 Grade SS, High quality aluminium. We have chosen best possible material for this antenna so that antenna will last very long and can withstand in a very harsh weather conditions. RFD-7E3B  is a modern design HF triband Yagi,  optimised and modelled through computer based software. All the parametres are optimised very carefully to produce best possible result.It doesn’t need antenna tuner. With just a 14 feet boom length all three bands will work efficiently. Its a full length element Yagi no traps no coil so no loss in the system. The antenna has gone nos of field tests. There are many ways to make cheap one but few are for the best one.

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Technical Specifications: 

Bands: 20m(14-14.35 MHz)/15m(21-21.45 MHz)/ 10m( 28-29.7 MHz)

Gain:    20m Band- 7 dBi Free Space ( 11.57 dBi @10m above the ground)

15m Band- 6.9 dBi Free Space ( 12.2 dBi @10m above the ground)

10m band- 8.6 dBi Free Space ( 13 dBi @10m above the ground)

SWR:   Less than 1.5 across the Band ( 14-14.35 MHz)

Less than 1.5 across the Band ( 21-21.45 MHz)

Less than 1.5  ( 28-29 MHz)

Front/Back:  20m Band- 14.6 dB

15m Band- 14.6 dB

10m Band- 32 dB

Impedance: 50 ohm

Matching: Direct through 1:1 Balun

Power rating: 2000 watts

Mechanical Specifications:

Boom Length: 14 feet

Longest Element length: 36 feet

Boom Dimension: 50*50*3mm

Wind Load Capacity:  150 km/hr

No. of Elements: 2 in 20m/2 in 15m/3 in 10m

Turning Radius: 5.9 m

Weight: 27 kg





Shipping Details:

No. Of Boxes : 3

Courier Partner: DTDC domestic/International



Please Note:

  • Order Handling time( Domestic): 15 to 20 days
  • Order Handling Time( International( 20-25 days)



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