5 Band HF Cobweb Antenna


The RF-DXing Antenna’s 5 bands Cobweb, RFD-CW5HF covers 20m, 17m and 15m 12m and 10m. RFD-CW5HF is light weight approximately 5kg and small spaced antenna just 6feet*6feet square which can take very small space and fits in the terrace. The antenna is made with solid fiberglass rod for long lasting and durability. The antenna is modelled through simulation program with correct dielectric constant is taken for the simulation and optimisation process.  The antenna can Handle wind speed up to 110 km/hr. Because of loop as it’s radiator its very low noise and will perfectly work in RF Congested areas like urban locations which can help to listen weak stations. The radiator wire is high quality 2.5 sq.mm pure copper  wire. The antenna has gone nos of field test and QSO that proves the efficiency of the antenna. This antenna is almost omnidirectional in Horizontal plane so it doesn’t need any expensive rotor. If you are looking for small spaced, long-lasting and multiband antenna for your HF operation RFD-CW5HF is the perfect choice.

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